As a member of the Greater Albuquerque Medical Association (GAMA), representing over 1,200 physicians in the greater Albuquerque area you have joined the premier professional membership organization open to those licensed physicians (MD or DO), Residents and Interns living or working in the greater Albuquerque area. GAMA is the medical association that people turn to for the facts, the insights, and the values of the profession. GAMA is the physician's voice in this process.

GAMA addresses issues of importance to our membership including physician and patient advocacy at the local, state, and federal level; professional collegiality, professional ethics, physician/patient relationships, and continuing medical education for physicians and their staff. We represent physicians in every specialty of medicine.

GAMA is a component society of the New Mexico Medical Society. GAMA has a strong professional relationship with NMMS, specialty societies and other medical professional organizations. Our function as a grassroots professional organization is to focus on the interests of physicians and their patients, working to promote the general health of the community.